How To Renew Your Maids Visa Reviewed by Momizat on . How To Renew Your Maids Visa How To Renew Your Maids Visa. Here is the process that you will need to take to renew your maid’s visa. One thing to take in to con How To Renew Your Maids Visa How To Renew Your Maids Visa. Here is the process that you will need to take to renew your maid’s visa. One thing to take in to con Rating:
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How To Renew Your Maids Visa

How To Renew Your Maids Visa

How To Renew Your Maids Visa. Here is the process that you will need to take to renew your maid’s visa. One thing to take in to consideration is if your maid is from the Philippines or India, once they reach the age of 60 or over she may no longer work as a maid in the UAE.

How To Renew Your Maids Visa

People who are sponsoring / providing the visa for the maid cannot be: (Subject to change without notice)

  • Bachelors (A man who is not and has never been married) cannot sponsor a maid.
  • Ladies may or may not be able to sponsor a maid depending on their visa and job. For example ladies who have a managers, teachers, doctors or nurses visa can sponsor a maid. Woman may also sponsor a maid if they work for the federal government of the UAE.
  • Earning under AED 6,000 per month or AED 5,000 per month + accommodation.

NOTE: You may only sponsor a maid from Bangladesh, Ethiopia, India, Indonesia, Philippines and Sri Lanka. Attempting to sponsor a maid from any other country will fail.

Renewing the Visa
Go to either the DHA online service or Government Authorized Typist Office and get a medical request form issued and a renewal application. In total to renew your maids visa will cost around 5,000 AED + Typing charges.

Now you need to take your maid to have her medical fitness test. If your maid has already had the Hepatitis B vaccine and still has the yellow vaccination certificate as proof, she will not need to have the vaccine as it lasts for 10 years. If she does not have or has lost the yellow certificate card the vaccination for Hepatitis B will be given and will cost 50 AED.

Medical Fitness Costs
All prices include a Hepatitis B shot which costs AED 50.

Normal Test: AED 650 for 5-7 days to get fitness test results.

48 Hour Service: AED 840 for 2 days to get fitness test results.

Urgent Service: AED 1,040 for 24 hours to get fitness test results.

Submit the renewal application along with the maid’s medical fitness to any of the DNRD Branches located around Dubai. Once submitted you will get an SMS from the DNRD saying “Your medical fitness result has been sent to the DNRD”. You must now go to any DNRD branch and the medical report will be shown in their systems.

NOTE: If you are renewing your maid’s visa for the third time you will need to show proof of that maid’s deposit.

Next, the immigration department/DNRD will hand you 3 unofficial copies of a contract which must each be signed by you, the maid and the immigration official. Bringing your maid with you for this part speeds things up alot! After this, depending on which time option you chose to receive the visa, it will either be done immediately or you will need to go home and wait for the visa and Domestic Workers Card to be sent to you.

For further enquiries, or clarifications contact DNRD on 04 398 0000 or visit the Dubai Authorities Website.


Find out the locations of the DNRD, Typist & Medical Fitness Centers you will need to visit.

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    You guys will be fine here on that salary,18k is fine, but once your son is soochl age, tuition fees will be a problem unless you save from now. I suggest the Gardens, not disc gardens, as its easier to access the mall and metro (both right infront of the Gardens) as remember the heat 6mo a year, plus has better play areas and is just prettier. Its next to disc gardens and also cheap but giant kitchens even in the small 1 bed. You will waste money in a furnished apt, just shop at ikea or adds posted in cafes for furniture. Not that this helps, but even in my building car park (not in gardens) over any 2 mo period apartments could be beautifully furnished by what people leave after moving out, its a waste, i end up calling a charity even. I just mean, furnish your own place, rather than pay rent on furnishings ea month. Pan Emirates has whole room packages for around 2000,even cheaper is IKEA, its a one time expense. On 18k you can live well, don’t worry. Im american/emirati and have a 2 yr old and have friends of many cultures and some make that salary and are doing ok. There is a lot to do here that costs a fortune and a lot to do here thats free, its a family city as much as its a party city or work city, it depends on what you choose. Also, to add, some big companies give education allowances at certain soochls so ask about tha to help later on, otherwise plan on 3k per mo for soochling.There are 2 soochls though next to the Gardens you could walk to.References :


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