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Deep Sea Diving in South Africa

Deep Sea Diving in South Africa

The country of South Africa has nearly 3000km of gorgeous coastline, so it won’t be a shock to anyone that there are hundreds of Diving spots along the coast of SA. There is so much to be seen in the vast African ocean including an array of amazing species, coral reefs and shipwrecks that will make Deep Sea Diving in South Africa an unforgettable experience.

One of the many Deep Sea Diving locations in South Africa is Aliwal Shoal, which is located in Durban. Visits to this diving site are made regularly and once there, you will get the chance to see Hammer Head Sharks, Tiger Sharks, Sand Tiger Sharks and a wide range of other sea creatures. The sharks are usually seen when diving during the warm summer months and not so much during the winter. Of course, swimming with animals that eat people isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, so instead you could take a more chilled out dive and look at some shipwrecks. Aliwal Shoal diving area has 7 different diving sites, which is understandably why it is one of only 10 top diving locations in the whole world.  You will also have the chance to see fish such as Rays, Manta’s and pelagic fish.

Deep Sea Diving in South Africa

Another great diving location in South Africa is the well known Protea Banks Diving Area, which is located close to Port Shepstone and offers a fantastic array of sea life to be seen by divers. Instead of saying, you can expect to be surrounded by, for this diving location, it’s more like, you WILL be surrounded by Hammerhead, Tiger, Bull, Ragged Tooth and Dusky Sharks! At the Protea Banks Deep Sea Diving location, you will constantly be surrounded by swarms of fish and sea creatures, especially during summer months.

Rocky Bay would also have to be on the list for one of the best places to go Deep Sea Diving in South Africa. At Rocky Bay there are a total of 6 diving sites, which are all about 4km out to sea and up to depths of 40km deep. During your dive, you will see a variety of rare fish species that are not too common in the rest of the world. As the sea is very deep and there are a more than a few things you need to know when diving in this area, it is recommended that only advanced divers come to this sea destination.

Cape Town is another good destination for Deep Sea Divers, although you may need a wet-suit as the waters can be very chilly, this is due to a range of factors including the fact that it’s the point where the two largest oceans meet. Diving in Cape Town is a great location for Deep Sea Divers of any level or experience. With great sea life, plenty of training services for beginners, and regular sea outings for experts, going Deep Sea Diver in Cape Town, you can’t go wrong.

As there are so many areas to go Deep Sea Diving in SA, you really can’t go wrong. With all the spectacular coral and sea life locations doted around South Africa, whether you are a newbie or an experienced diver, Diving in SA will be an experience that will not soon be forgotten.

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